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Had a mental setback causing relapse and left the forum, only occaisionally answering pm’s. I am trying to eat healthy, but clearly it isnt enough. I pushed it a little too far with the enema’s last week and had some discomfort and soreness throughout the day: I did enema’s with 10 drops in each round for 3 rounds per enema, 2 days in a row. So that was a little too much, now I know. also I shouldt drink coffee. But i tried quitting like 10 times and now im like: forget it.

The enema’s now cause massive die off followed by a day or 2 of clearity and energy, until my diet or my mind f*cks it up again and I feel crap again.

So, although the enema’s are causing die off meaning they are killing candida, it still doesnt seem to be enough in my case. I will keep doing the enema’s though and hope for the best.