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Ibiza-Rio wrote: “What havoc this might wreak elsewhere may be of concern though..”

It’s interesting that you say that Kyle. Since defeating the Candida a month or so ago I have been plagued with fatigue and low immunity. Within days of getting over the Candida I came down with the worst cold I can remember having. And since then it feels like just as I get over one cold I catch another.

At first I thought my body just needed rest after being sick for so long whilst working etc. But then I started to think that either a) my body is missing something in the form of a nutrient etc., or b) that the Chloroquine v’s Candida had some other consequence on the cellular level.

A few days ago I actually decided that I must be aneamic. In my case the candida made me intolerant to beef, so I went from eating red meat almost every day to never at all. And since doing the Candida diet I have stuck to a mostly vegetarian diet. However I am travelling so I no longer have the luxury of getting free blood tests every second week. So I can only rely on clinical tests like the colour (or lack thereof) of the lines on my palm and the insides of my eyelids. Both of which at the moment are quite white.

But I will let you know how I go with the iron supplementation. If that doesn’t work then it may another thing to be wary of when taking the Chloroquine..

Well it could always just be coincidence but if you feel that your immune system seems to persist in being weak then you should first consider your diet.

I understand the moral standpoint for vegetarianism but our bodies have evolved to function from fat and meat also. You’ve heard of Essential Fatty Acids and Essential Amino Acids but there’s never any talk of essential carbohydrates lol.
Now I know you can get protein and fat from non-animal sources but be careful with your diet and bear in mind it is not a natural diet, despite what the pro-vegetarians would like to say.

As stated above, it may be a Herxheimer reaction, but based on your description, my personal view is that it ain’t. I think die-off gets too much attention. People feel a bit down and they assume it’s die-off, or they try some new method of killing candida but they disregard it because they don’t feel a die-off. It’s a legit phenomenon but it’s acute not chronic.

Whatever it is I hope it resolves soon. Definitely consider a diet modification.