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Hi Rob,

Well if you had actually read the statement that you yourself are referring to (“And I partied. Hard. I’m Australian. It’s our thing. We wait until we go overseas and then we go a little wild. So there were occasions where my diet was consisting almost entirely of cocaine and red bull vodkas for days at a time.”) and read it again, you will find the sentence “We wait until we go overseas and then we go a little wild.” That means we wait until we go overseas and the we go a little wild. Not that we are wild all the time!! When I am in Australia I am pretty much the polar opposite of ‘wild’. And being Australian, I tend to spend a lot of time in Australia, being that I live there. Plus if you read my story you would see that at that stage I did not have the Candida so health was not such a worry for me.

But sugar is a toxic drug that people (seemingly yourself) can very easily get addicted to. I think you may be very interested in watching this presentation:

Regarding fructose and other forms of manufactured sugar and just what exactly they do to us.. Or rather what Coca-Cola and other companies are doing to us (deliberately getting us all addicted to sugar!!)


Thats interesting the idea of our diet affecting the variety of species of flora in our gut! I havent looked it up yet (google Art Ayers?) but it makes sense and I am not surprised. My diet already consists of almost entirely raw fruits, vegetables and greens. I wish I could also say they are organic but unfortanely they are all the Coles and Woolwothts variety (they would be organic if I had the option!) But I am trying to stay as organic as possible for all my packaged food. I also rarely eat red meat because the idea of another animal’s flesh rotting in my gut does not appeal to me so much anymore. And aside from Probiotic yoghurt I have now virtually eliminated dairy from my diet as well (seeing as human beings are not designed to break down another animals milk.. or any form of milk beyond the age that we stop being breast fed for that matter. Plus casein, a protein in milk, has been linked to bowel cancer. As for the idea that we need calcium from dairy to make our bones strong, that is a myth and in fact there is evidence to suggest dairy had the opposite affect on our bones).

In fact both my lunches and dinners are salads these days. Occasionally fish. For breakfast I have gluten free cereal (I’m not gluten intolerant but the cereals just seem more wholesome than the traditional cardboard varieties) with almond milk, probiotic yoghurt and probiotic powder (Inner Health Plus) sprinkled on top. For a hot drink I will have raw cacoa powder mixed with natvia (stevia) and almond milk. And desert after my salad for dinner I will again have probiotic yoghurt mixed with the powder and some fruit. I dont even buy my organic 70% cacoa chocolate anymore because I have found that I dont even crave that anymore.

So Rob,
There is hope for you getting over your addiction to junk food!! You just need to rememeber that in actual fact you are probably malnourished and are just feeding your face and not your body. Junk food contains virtually nothing that your body actually ‘needs’, and so the consequence of that is you just end up feeling more hungry. As you see above my diet does not seem very substantial yet it is quite wholesome so I am never hungry! In saying that I do not ‘work-out’ although I am quite often on my feet all day at work. Yoga and some lunges and squats keep the blood flowing to my toes on days I am sitting down all day (like today!) Plus I find if you can be strict about eliminating foods then eventually you will stop craving them (I never thought I would see the day that I did not carry around organic chocolate in my hand bag!!)

So maybe I am not the best guinea pig after all seeing as as I eat a pretty much Candida diet anyway. I could maybe just let you all know what happens next time I go overseas!! (haha!)


P.S David, I looked up fecal implants… Thanks. But no thanks!! But I’ll keep it in mind if putting probiotics in the other end doesnt seem to be enough..