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Hi Beucephalus,

Nice to see a fellow Aussie on here!

The UTI’s are not related to my Candida as I have had troubles with them my whole life. Even had an OP when I was 6 yrs old to correct a convoluted urethra!! And they started again as soon as I became sexually active.

As for claiming its a cure.. I believe if I had had the opportunity to combine chloroquine with copious amounts of probiotics then I would not have had the flare ups I did when I was simply eating heavy foods overseas. Remember Candida Albicans still exists in small quantities in a healty gut, the trick is to keep the balance in favour of the beneficial bacteria, which, after a long war with candida, I am guessing there were quite a few casualties!!

I also don’t quite understand how you could ‘cover up the symptoms of Candida’. I think that would be a mission statement in itself! And a far more complicated and difficult task, especially approaching a systemic infection, than simply getting to the root cause and slaughtering the Candida. Plus with (apparently two) studies showing evidence that chloroquine does kill off Candida Albicans (or at least similar types of fungi) then I think that that scenario is more likely.

But maybe we can hypothesise and rephrase the claim then and say that Chloroquine COMBINED WITH copious amounts of probiotics are the cure.

I believe once I completely replenish my good bacteria, I won’t ever have a problem again eating heavy or sugar laden foods or drinking alcohol. I think the test for me will always be at times when I need to take antibiotics. If I can get to a stage where I can take antibiotics WITHOUT a consequential flare up of candida, then I will truly claim victory. But I would not be surprised if its something that candida suffers will always have to deal with on occasions like that..

As a side not I also I feel like I should have mentioned that Chloroquine is a pretty hardcore drug in itself. A lot of people I encountered on my travels told me they had opted for the risk of contracting the malaria virus over dealing with the side effects of taking the malaria preventative drug. It sounds like the most common complaints were nightmares and hallucinations. I didn’t have any problems myself but just thought I should mention it..


P.S what’s a fecal implant?!!!