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Dr G
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Thanks for the reply.
I’m Mum.
I have a PhD in Molecular Biology so doing “medical research” is my job. Sometimes that means that I’m not very respectful of MDs unfortunately, who I don’t think do enough research or are not willing to open their minds.
My son’s Drs talk up the probiotics but to be fair to them controlling his asthma has been everyones priority.
But now its “under control” with daily Corticosteroids I feel the need to try and re-balance his system to help him stop getting all these infections in the first place.

He’s taking the reuteri brand of probiotics for kids with a 3 million count.
He’s off milk due to some lactose intolerance, he eats tons of fruit,live yogurt,kefir, is good with veggies especially broccoli, but doesn’t care for meat, so we need pasta, cheese, crackers purely for calories!

We don’t eat processed food, almost 100% wholemeal when it comes to pasta and bread and we always eat brown rice, quinoa, couscous etc.
So its not like we have an intrinsically bad diet to begin with.

Don’t know how to go abaout finding an MD Dr with an open mind.