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Vegan Catlady
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raster;56680 wrote:

This is complete rubbish mindset to have and I do not appreciate the attack and I don’t think there is anything meaningful with this mindset. I don’t pick apart your treatment and comment on it “so hows it going not eating meat and not taking probiotics and only teas.” This is an attack on someone else and I do not like it, especially on my birthday. I had a great frickin’ day and check this forum when I get home, and see this crap? From the person who complained about bullying?

No I don’t comment on your posts only, you just have a bunch of them catlady and whatya expect on a PUBLIC FORUM?

And back to your video, this is nothing but a scare-tactic video to make people scared. What they should really be worried about more than the arsenic is the antibiotics in the chicken! You shouldn’t eat anything low grade like this…from chicken that eat arsenic laced food!? Thats the stuff they serve in restaurants, at the fast food joints, etc. where you don’t know where the food came from. I’ve been on here for years saying to eat locally grown organic food including chicken and I think we can both agree on this, right? So just because I post a comment on how you should eat chicken doesn’t mean you should attack me!


Attack? no, thats not my M.O.

My only “bad” here is that I reacted to your constant passive-aggressive belittling.
I had enough, and I lost it.

It was my over-the-top way of saying “leave me alone because you dont have all of the answers”.

If you remember, back in December/January I was glad to have your perspective.
I looked forward to your posts.

Your way/perspective/protocol was the opposite of what I needed, and statistically speaking, it was bound to happen eventually. Not all ways work for all people.
You cant possibly think that your advice is going to fit everyone.

And thats okay,raster. It wasnt an insult to you personally, but I knew you took it that way when I began to see negative posts after everything I said.

Anyone that re-reads your last post about your birthday will see your admittance to thinking I am misguiding others. Im okay with your opinion, im just not okay with the constant negativity towards me.

So I reacted to it.
I didnt attack first, I reacted to the last straw.

Im sure to people who have not read your other replies to me personally, it would appear I just “attacked” out of nowhere.

Its rare that anyone just attacks out of nowhere.
There is a reason if people take the time to look.