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jgentry8;56649 wrote: This forum should be used as tips and tricks. It’s good if it helps, and if that method doesn’t work then try something else with YOUR DOCTOR. The main problem here is that a lot of people believe (and want) a solution that will fix them faster. No matter what you do, it will take a minimum of six months. Only you know your body best as well as your doctor. If it worked for you, great. If it didn’t, it’s not for you. But go to your doctor FIRST for advice. Every persons body is different whether vegan, vegetarian, whatever. Figure out what is best for you through your doctor. Internet is CLEARLY too contradicting and you won’t find answers.

The point of this argument is that I am healing in a way that is contrary to what they believe.

Keep in mind that there are a few people on this forum that have shared my experiences with adding certain foods and using teas…and they can be found on this forum because its their posts that inspired me to stop listening to the loudest voices and to listen to my own.

By insisting that it takes a specific amount of time to heal, you dismiss everyone who has had a different experience.

NOT EVERYONE has candida to the extent you do.

NOT EVERYONE has overgrowth condensed in the same places!

I couldnt find one person who cured themselves with candida in the esophagus.
Did you know that its a place considered to be one of the toughest and most stubborn places to to get rid of candida??? Its made my life hell. Especially since I thought it was GERD because some stupid ENT told me it was (with zero digestive issues at the time).

Even Lisa, From The Candida Diet says she believes you can rid your candida in 60 days.

You can call her a liar if you want to, but the reality is that some people havent let their candida overgrowth get really bad before they did something about it.

Personally, I was told my overgrowth was something else, so I went a few years with it, coming and going on its own, not understanding what it was.

The biggest problem with the loudest voices on this forum is that the minute anyone has an idea contrary to what they think, its dismissed as faulty, a lie, wrong, a mistake, or you never had candida.

I believe the reason they get so bent out of shape is because if the info is contrary to what they tell people to do, it somehow negates their words and makes them look bad.

Im not here to make anyone look bad.

Listen to your body…the people here do NOT know you better than YOU know you!!!