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weyn wrote: I don’t know if anyone else here lives in Sweden, but I thought share this just in case..On the Candida diet we are advised to eat organic chicken and eggs to avoid hormones and antibiotics. However, apparently it’s illegal to give antibiotics and hormones to chicken here in Sweden. So, as long as the eggs or chicken bought in Sweden are actually from Sweden, they will not contain hormones and antibiotics.
I was a bit suspicious when I read this, so I called whatever the organ handling these issues are called, and they insured that it is correct.

I just thought it would be quite nice to know since it saves a lot of money buying the regular chicken. Although, if one can afford it, I would say get the organic one. Not to avoid antibiotics and hormones, but because they are treated better and actually taste better:)

Vad fint att du tar upp det här. Jag har länge tänkt att det borde vara okej att äta svensk kyckling och ägg som inte är ekologiska. Dock är det ju bra att handla ekologiskt, så jag försöker köpa eko ändå, men det blir dyrt i längden. Tack för informationen!

Translation: Great that you mention it. I thought it should be okay to eat Swedish chicken and eggs that are not organic. However, it’s good to buy organic, so I try to buy eco anyway, but it gets expensive in the long run. Thanks for the information!