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raster wrote: I wanted to bump this for a variety of reasons. I feel that many of us are here because of their lifestyle and personal habits. One habit many of us may have is eating your food too fast! I have this problem and its a hard one to break. I try to stop it, but its very difficult.

Gross warning!:

Today I went to the bathroom and afterwards I noticed that some spinach was completely undigested by my body! So gross and so sad to see this. I assume it was from lunch yesterday…and that day I did eat very quickly! After 9 months on the diet you don’t want to see this and I feel shaken to the bone thinking about how crummy my eating habits are. No wonder I have a major problem here…I just can’t chew my food enough!

There could be other factors of course, but this is the most simple explanation.


Hi raster,

I was always a fast chewer, I don’t really have time to chew. I fill up my mouth, chew a bit and swallow. Socially, I was the slowest eater, but not because of the chewing, but because of talking (I am chatty person as you may have noticed from my posts).

The thing I wanted to ask is that even though this was what I did most of my life, I never noticed parts of food floating in the toilet. This changed recently when I started having digestion problems. Any clue in what changed? Is candida the one that is causing this now? I don’t have diarrhea since starting the diet, but my BM is loose and it takes two to three flushes to get rid of it. Also, it is lighter and ofter greenish color. I was always more on the darker hard BM side and even constipated mostly in my younger days. When I got older I started eating more fiber and healthier, but the BM was solid and every morning. Now, I have one to three BM’s in the morning and rarely one in the afternoon.

I am asking this to determine if this is part of the candida disease, healing process, or it should be normal. Can you share your experiences or knowledge please?

Thanks in advance!