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dvjorge wrote: By the way, it is pure alcohol which don’t feed the fungus but no alcoholic beverages with more ingredients.

Another thing, alcohol and sugar alcohol are rapidly absorbed by the intestinal lining in the upper intestinal tract going to the blood. Alcohol doesn’t have any chance to go down to the lower small bowel and the colon where fungal colonies usually growth. The upper intestinal tract is a very hostile environment for bacteria and yeast. It is kept partially sterile by the HCL, bile, pancreatic enzymes and sodium bicarbonate released by the pancreas. Alcohol in the blood, even if it could feed candida, has poor or no incidence in an internal intestinal overgrowth. It isn’t the sugar in the blood what is feeding your intestinal overgrowth but the food you eat. Jorge.

Jorge, is it safe then for me to take the bitters with alcohol (I am unable to get the non-alcohol type.

Thanks, Wendy

BTW – I haven’t used toothpaste for 8 to 9 months. Him salt or bi-carb do a much better job – whiter teeth.