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msmofish;43698 wrote: I know I know I know

This diet is restrictive & hard
I wasn’t asking advice about cheating nor be judged for doing so.
I do NOT want to cheat & as I said I am NOT advocating cheating.

I was asking for advice on what’s best IF it happens or IF there are hidden ingredients that set me off – are probiotics or antifungals better to double up on.

That’s probably difficult to say, because cheating will often induce symptoms. If you already have an increase in symptoms I think it would be unwise to increase things that are going to cause die-off.

I don’t think there is any simple work-around to this. If you want to mildly cheat occasionally in order to avoid entirely abandoning your social life, you need to prepare for a longer and rockier treatment time. For instance, this weekend is my girlfriend’s 21st birthday. She is having a BBQ and I am meeting all of her extended family for the first time. To avoid looking like a complete douche-bag and because I want to enjoy myself I will be eating organic buffalo burgers with mustard (both candida friendly versions) and fried onions in gluten-free buns. I just have to accept that by doing this I am undermining at least a little bit of the progress I have made.

I think balance is very important. Mild cheating on occasion won’t doom you to a life of candida, but heavy, regular cheating may very well make actual recovery difficult. No amount of probiotics or antifungals can change that.