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Quote: I have come across a vegetable new to me called a celeriac which though it looks like a turnip (I also am eating turnip and swede) I believe it is part of the celery family. It tastes nice and can be prepared as mashed, chipped or as shavings. Does anyone know whether it should be in my diet or not?

Reply: Celeriac is about the same thing as a zucchini, and you’re right about it being in the celery family. It should be fine for the diet.

Quote: In trying to broaden my vegetable intake so I am not eating the same things all the time I have also tried aubergine and fennel and I also wonder whether I should try butternut squash.

Reply: Aubergine is a type of eggplant, both aubergine and fennel should be fine for the diet, but the butternut squash should not be eaten at all.

Quote: Can anyone confirm whether xylitol is ok as a sweetener, I thought I read on this site that it should be avoided but it is on the list of foods that are ok. It would be nice if it was acceptable as here in the UK it is significantly cheaper than stevia

Reply: It’s alright to have Xylitol. I didn’t think Stevia was available in the UK.