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Have you experienced die-off symptoms before? These are very similar to “flu like” symptoms where you feel bad in general. When you kill candida, it releases toxins that effect a wide variety of things within the body.

Another possibility is that your immune system is so weak that you get colds/flus from others easily. Have you been tested to see whether you have a bacterial, fungal, or viral “cold/flu?”

The reason you feel worse on the diet is because you are killing candida.

If you have strep throat, than this is likely related to candida. I used to get it every single month for awhile and they gave me just about every single antibiotic on the market. This did not work and eventually no antibiotic cured my strep; I had to remove my tonsils. If you think you have strep, you should get tested for it because it is a serious illness from my experience.

Have you checked out the forum’s protocol and food list? A possible reason you may have not reached a cure is because your diet wasn’t strict enough, or you didn’t take the correct supplements to heal the body and gut.

It can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida overgrowth.