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Raster offers a salient point of view.

As I said earlier in this thread the issue is NOT carrots but the processed, antibiotic, white flour, devoid of anything remotely healthy junk “foods” many of us have consumed for YEARS that is the problem.

I think often times people become so obsessed with beating this thing that we over-analyze everything to the point that a few carrots becomes cheating. We concentrate on the amount of carbs, or, “sugars”, and look past all the other health benefits in something like carrots

What Raster also says, which I completely agree with, is it is more helpful to see this diet under the lens of a long-term point of view.

Deprivation, over-analyzing, in my opinion, only fuels the fire toward candida diet burn-out and honestly, probably contributes to a less fulfilled life.

The trick, I think, is finding balance, even on such a counter-cultural diet change.