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A head of iceburg lettuce has 3g of sugar. A head of romaine lettuce contains 7g of sugar:
Probably use a head of romaine lettuce between two salads.

A red onion has 17g of sugar.
I would probably use 2-3 slices per salad so maybe half a red onion between two salads.

Small amount cabbage would have 3-5g of sugar. A cabbage head contains 43g of sugar:

Add in the other veggies you could easily have a 20g of sugar salad. For instance if you add in an artichoke, it’d be 2g of sugar per each chunk of artichoke:

1 cup of radishes are 2g of sugar:

I can go on and on, but salads contain sugar! So do veggies! So do carrots!

And you really do need to experiment with the diet because otherwise you might not get better pigeon holed into a restricted diet. The diet should be looked at more as a continuum…strict starting out and less strict as you progress with periods of time going back to the strict diet when the you need it. You aren’t supposed to be on stage 1 for eternity.