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I am going to try this recipe with cacao powder because I don’t see anything that is wrong with it personally. It is not on the list, but I am going to test it. I originally thought it had a lot of caffeine in it but it doesn’t.Here is a website that tell more about this product: It has a great ORAC score, which is wonderful for the immune system.

Here is a post for more info on this product.

I also am not using vanilla extract because it has alcohol in it (though I have heard that you can find vanilla extract that has no alchol at health food store. I have not found any yet.) So instead I am using stevia vanilla cream. I hope they turn out good. 😀 I will yet you guys know.

If someone can explain why I should not use this product it would be great, but please read the info on the first link given before responding.
Thank you
Lauren 😀