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I have more energy now that I did prior to starting Candida (low carb) diet. But I also attribute it to the fact that I was really sick with my Candida. I think I am finally feeling more energy because I have made it through the worst of the die off and finally starting to regain my health.

I used to feel really sick if I didn’t eat every couple of hours. Someone told me I was likely to be hypoglycemic. Now I only feel that way in the morning if I don’t eat breakfast as soon as I normally do. Even then, it’s not as bad as before.

I guess I just wanted to point out that there are other factors that might influence how much energy we feel we have.

But does anyone know if there is a minimum we need to get in carbs a day? Or how about an amount we need to stay under? I have seen several ask similar questions and I don’t think I have seen a response?

I know I am eating half as many carbs as I would have eating if I was not on the diet.

Thank you!