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I think you both Able and Jorge are right at some point, I completely disagree with the “junk” carbohydrates, but the body can properly use some healthy carbos.

Also men and women have different constitution and needs,(no need to specify) our bodies work different than men, so maybe something is really good for men but is not good for women, we can not treat our bodies all equal, if we do, we are doing what Doctors are doing, so what is the point?, just prescribing the same thing for everyone. Is good that you guys are so knowledgeable and can share all that with us.

I just feel bad for the people is really trying with this diet and no results or even worse like Caitie she got edema, we all think we are doing the best for our bodies, I dont think we are doing all this effort expecting to get worse, so lets help eachother.

Tomorrow I will be 2 months on the diet, I had carrot/cucumber/celery/parsley Juice today and I am planning to introduce some carbohydrates slowly. I am tired of coconut bread as much as I love it, I can make it with my eyes closed !! all sugar I had for 2 months was a quarter of one bombom of chocolate and the carrots today. Also for my experience with yogurt and kefir, wait at least 3 weeks after the cleansing phase and be sure the yogurt is properly made and you are not drinking just thick milk which feeds candida.

There are some good recipes for nut breads and other good stuff suitable for candida diet as well in: