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Hi Raster,

Many thanks for your prompt reply, I have been taking Multi Vits, Antioxidants,Vit-C, probiotics,& Magnesium Malate. My diet consists of Porridge Oats with light Soya milk, Eggs, Oatcakes, Tomatoes, Humous, Vegetable Soups, Cottage Cheese, Salads, Avocados, Chicken, Brown Rice, Pasta, Pulses,Natural yogurt, Desiccated Coconut.Seeds, good Oils, Fish. Lemons. Herbal Tea. Vegetables.
I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease some 6 years ago, and am now living with the after affects. It became clear that following years of taking pain killing drugs I was experiencing problems caused by excess yeast. I started the Candida Diet some 2-3 months ago and am already much improved.
I am now experiencing a reaction to the toxins produced by the dead Candida which has become more of a problem as I increase the amount of Caprylic Acid Caps. I have read that it is possible to minimise this affect with specific food supplements, however I am unable to identify which supplements would be appropriate.

I shall try some Vit-B and Fermented Cod Liver Oil, and report back!

Thanks again for your support.