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Flipper;44607 wrote: I’ve been on the strict diet now for well over a year and have been very true to it. I’m feeling better in some ways but dealing with adrenal fatigue now primarily. These past 2 weeks I simply can’t bring myself to eat the same foods I’ve been eating. I’m “cheating” right and left (like mushrooms, vinigar, even wheat and dairy some) and beginning to feel the effects but just now I ate some bread and cream cheese anyway. HELP. Has anyone had this happen? I just can’t STAND to continue on a really restricted diet.

Hi Flipper,

I feel your frustration and you are not alone. I have relapsed a few times since I began this 3 years ago. It must be difficult staying on a restrictive diet when you are still dealing with issues. I wonder if this is partly fueling the “cheating”? I like functional/integrative medicine doctors who are experienced with issues like candida and adrenal fatigue but also experienced medical doctors. You can search for one here:

Secondly, I am amazed at your dedication to feeding your family something entirely different than what you eat. That kind of constant temptation would get under my skin! Sounds like you put your needs way at the end of things and either malnourish yourself at times or at least don’t spend much time on fulfilling your palette. Kudos for being so dedicated, but I wonder, can anyone else in the house help out?

Either way, hang in, continue to heal and make sure you get your needs attended to as well!