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Thanks for your help raster.

My wife and I have a the diet figured out, we even found a candida site where a guy was dealing with the hypoglycemia and still be able to stick to the candida diet. I also found some natural ways to deal with my ulcers, I hope they work.

After a lot of research, were going to go with the Sf722 you recommended for the antifungal. And for the probiotic we chose Advanced probiotic 10 by natures bounty. If you have any concerns about the probiotic we chose, please let me know.

The diet we are going with is by a guy named mcombs. It’s a 16 week detailed diet that deals specifically with the hypoglycemia along with the candida.

The one part i’m not sure were dealing with is the detox. Laying out our plan, is there something we need to add for the detoxification?