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If you believe that you are craving the sugar you are going into battle with yourself and you will suffer. You cant annihilate yourself if you believe that you are the craving. You are not, you are the one who notice a graving but you are not it. Who is craving then? The candida who is hungry, not you.

Why is it helping for Himawari to put her mind on other things? Its because the cravings are not real they are a game from the candida to fool you with an image and believe of…..I need this now….

But is it true? No, if you dont put your mind into it. A thing which is constantly changing is not you. You are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings and you are not your cravings.

There are thoughts, there are feelings, there are cravings but you are not one of them. You are the one recognising feelings, cravings or thoughts.

If you really see what I am talking about then you will notice a small place of freedom from where you are able to act. This freedom of choice you need to be able to say.

I dont want to feed the candida, I want to do this and that.

But if you continue to believe that you are the cravings, that you are your thoughts and feelings then you are not free to choose. You will have to think negative, you will have to act on you feelings or be a slave to your cravings.

Do you want that being a slave? The candida will love that, it will use you to bring to it sugar so it can grow and grow.

See it for what it is. Its an illusion that you need sugar, and you are free from it when you see it. When the cravings come and tell you that you need it. Only look at it and ask yourself is that true? And then do something else. Let the cravings be there like a lie in the room but you dont need to act on it and you will see how the ghost turns into a chair when the morning light fills your room.