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benc wrote:

HAL123: If you went to a naturopathic doctor, they could possibly diagnose you with parasites. Western doctors will not do this. I’ve had ringworm for 10 years and despite 11 months on the diet, my ringworm still persisted. My naturopath concluded it was parasites and put me on some homoepathics and antifungals that kill the parasites. I experienced “parasite die-off” after starting these supplements.

Another great anti-parasite antifungal is black walnut extract which also has the Diatomaceous Earth in it as an ingredient.


Did you have the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis + Parasite test?

Also is it normal to have more digestive issues than before during die off? I get bad bloating, wind & have recently been getting really bad nausea & cramps, especially after eating green fibrous veg.

Hi Ben,

No, my doctor told me to stop being silly, and that I’d “know about it” if I really had parasites. I’m just trying the scattergun approach to a cure and I don’t care what it kills as long as the symptoms go away.

I did get much worse symptoms last time I had die off, feels like you have the flu in every way. The more I think about it, the more I realise that the last few times Iv’e been off work sick, it’s been due to die off rather than a cold or the flu like I thought it was at the time.