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raster wrote: HAL123: If you went to a naturopathic doctor, they could possibly diagnose you with parasites. Western doctors will not do this. I’ve had ringworm for 10 years and despite 11 months on the diet, my ringworm still persisted. My naturopath concluded it was parasites and put me on some homoepathics and antifungals that kill the parasites. I experienced “parasite die-off” after starting these supplements.

Another great anti-parasite antifungal is black walnut extract which also has the Diatomaceous Earth in it as an ingredient.


Hi Raster, thanks for the response. I’m not sure we have naturopathic doctors in the UK. I’ve spoken with kineseologists who say I have candida, and am seeing a homepath who is also a holistic therapist who works with my diet as well. She has done hair tests with me, and is treating me for heavy metal toxicity.

I’ve also spoken to other people who call them selves nutritionists, but generally they just say “ooh, you’re quite sick aren’t you? Hmmmm… I’ve never encountered anyone like that before” which isn’t much help.

I feel the homeopathic remedies are helping me tremendously, but I don’t know of anyone in this country who takes candida as seriously as you guys.

I’ve done parasite cleanses in the past using parasite X which contains black walnut extract. I got some die off symptoms but nothing dramatic happened and the problem persisted. I will try it again now I’m on this candida diet, but I’m waiting on my moly-whatsit before I do anything else drastic. My career has ground to a halt because I’m not performing at the moment so that’s adding it’s own levels of stress. I need to get the brain fog under control as a priority.

Unless you can recommend a UK expert, I think I’ll be doing this with your support and not much else. I will certainly buy some of that earth stuff.