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Able900 wrote:

The Diet:
After the initial detox period or cleanse has ended for you, you’ll be ready for the regular Candida diet; this is the part of the treatment that you will likely be on for a long time. Some people call it stage two, but in reality the more appropriate name would be stage one, and the detox is simply the detox or cleanse period. When you start this part of the treatment, in the beginning you could add at least one antifungal to your regimen providing you were on the detox for at least ten days, otherwise wait another three to four days to start an antifungal. In addition, more protein in the way of chicken and/or fish is acceptable for extra energy if it is truly needed, preferably organic but we understand that this is not always possible.

I have a question (for Able and anyone else who can help) regarding the bit i’ve put in bold. I think I’m getting confused when I read different topics.

I did the strict cleanse without any eggs for 3 days. Then days 4 and 5 (today) I’ve added 3 eggs per day so that currently makes me on a “less strenuous cleanse”. When I was suffering from bad die off, Able suggested I move on to the actual diet by adding antifungals and chicken/fish. I havent added them yet as I’m currently feeling good and as i’m going back to work tomorrow I want to know that i should continue to feel good. I was thinking of starting a teaspoon of coconut oil at the end of my second working day.

But I see here above that I should wait a while as i wasnt on the cleanse for 10 days? So as that working day would be day 4 of the actual diet, I’d be right to add it then?

Also a question regarding the extra protein. Elsewhere it says:
Other Protein Souces: (besides eggs)
After being on the diet for 12 full days, you can choose to add one serving of either chicken or fish to your diet.
You should have this choice only one time during a seven day period.

I thought I read somewhere that you could add chicken 5 days into the diet? I was hoping to follow this as my 14 hour shift will be 7 days into the diet and I wanted to have it then. Which should I go by? after 12 days or 5?

I’m not questioning the diet, just want to get it right so I continue to feel decent with the die offf