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pamay;46536 wrote: Able, my question tonight is: tomorrow I am having a hot stone massage, my therapist uses virgin coconut oil. I have not had a massage since starting this healing, but now feel strong enough. Does topical coconut oil bring die off?

Hey Pamay, I’m not Able, but I’m a massage therapist. In my experience, topical coconut oil does not cause die-off. Any time you get a massage during your treatment, be sure to drink a ton of water and give yourself time to rest afterwards. Massage helps detoxify the body, but since you’re already detoxing pretty hard, all the extra shit it kicks up can make you feel sort of terrible. (Even relatively healthy people can get a headache after a massage if they don’t flush out the bad stuff that’s been loosened up.) It’s not a bad idea to take extra supplements to head off die-off (molybdenum, milk thistle, vitamin C). I would also avoid intense deep-tissue work for the time being, since your body will have a harder time dealing with inflammation at the beginning of your treatment.