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Hi Able and Rasta,

Just to say how incredibly inspiring it is to see you two wonderful individuals putting so much time into helping others.

I have a series of questions to ask if thats ok.

I have Candida, Gut Dysbiosis, IBS and Leaky Gut.

For this I take:

Biokult Probiotic – 2x with each meal
Biocare (Caprylic Acid) Mycopryl 680 – 2x with each meal
Biocare Polyzyme Forte – 2x with each meal
Higher Nature Citricidal Liquid Grapefruit Extract – 12-15 drops 30 mins before or 2 hours after each meal
A. Vogel Milk Thistle
Magnesium Chelate

Is their any particular products you would advise me to add to my daily routine?

Having brain fog hinders my ability to monitor cause and effect effectively and so unable to determine whether symptoms mainly brain fog is getting worse or not. Any ideas for helpful strategies to get round this?

How do you determine how severe your candida is?

Why should Caprylic Acid and Grapfruit seed extract be alternated every 2 weeks? (I have been using them constantly for nearly 4 weeks now and havent been told to alternate by doc!)

Told by doctor its ok to eat nuts and seeds, smoke and drink coffee moderately. He is a very highly regarded homeopath but
is he just trying to take my money by making my cleanse as slow as possible?
A link to his website,_Nutrition,_Allergy,_Ecological_Medicine_-_Reigate,_Croydon,_Surrey_%26_Biolab,_Central_London.html

Is it possible to give someone candida by having sex?

If you can help that would be splendid and would be very grateful.