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This post is about when to start vitamins and iron deficiency:

Able900 wrote: From: Able and Raster

Between the second and third week we also recommend various vitamin supplements to be added one at a time if you’re not already taking them. These would be A & D (taken together), plus extra D3, vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium (taken together). A mineral pill is also recommended. We do not advocate multiple vitamins at all for various reasons, all having to do with health issues and the Candida infestation.

Able and Raster, do you not recommend using the vitamins during the cleanse portion? Is that because it could feed the candida?

My personal concern is nutrients and iron deficiency. I have low iron (diagnosed), and from my own research on candida, “Ethanol also inhibits the absorption of iron. Because iron is one of the most important oxygen supports in the blood, ethanol in your body creates low oxygen levels. And do you know what happens when your body can’t oxygenate well? Deal with candida…”

I found previous posts that said:

raster wrote:
Candida can cause iron problems such as anemia so it is a good concern. I think that taking vitamin C is a good idea (get one with bioflavanoids), but a little iron as a supplement would have no drawback. My girlfriend takes a good amount of it because of her anemia. -Raster

Able900 wrote:
Research concludes that there’s an abnormality in the immunity as well as in the ability to destroy several types of bacteria as well as fungi in iron- deficient patients. This lends credence to the assumption that an iron deficiency comes before the Candida infestation, and Candida does not cause an iron deficiency. If one contracts an iron deficiency during a Candida infestation, it has more to do with his diet than the Candida.

Soldia, you may be deficient in iron, but I advise against using an iron supplement unless you know for a fact (have it checked) that you have a deficiency. Obtaining more iron than the body needs causes liver damage because the excess iron is stored in this organ rather than being put to use by the body.

I believe that I had lower iron to begin with from my hypothyroid. Over the years, I noticed that I do not absorb iron as easily. Having the candida infestation has made the iron deficiency much worse.

I guess my question is this, do I go back on my liquid iron (derived from organic plants) and Vitamin C right now or do I wait until the end of the cleanse? I read the post about the vitamin protocol and stopped taking it thinking that it would feed the candida. If it doesn’t and is beneficial, should I begin retaking it? I want to do what ever is going to kick this Candida’s butt…!

Side note: the cleanse is going well. I’ve experienced a drop in symptoms (burning on scalp), but my weight loss has been significant. I am officially underweight as of today’s weighing. 🙁 I cannot wait until I can add the flours and coconut into my diet and put on some much needed weight.