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jayjonbeach;46360 wrote: I understand the Brain needs glucose, that is its fuel, so maybe lack of glucose is causing this? !

Anyone on the strict diet will receive enough glucose, and right now your body is adapting to the new way of eating. As long as one is feeding their body healthy food and enough
calories they’re not going to suffer from a lack of glucose.

Vegetables are shown below with their grams of sugar.
Measurement: 1 cup unless otherwise shown.

Cooked cabbage = 4 grams
Broccoli = 2 grams
Cucumber = 2
Artichokes = 2
Asparagus = 2
Brussels sprouts = 2 grams
Green beans = 2 grams
Green Bell Pepper = 4 grams
Okra = 4 grams
Rhubarb = 2 grams
Radishes = 2 grams
Turnips = 5 grams
Zucchini = 4 grams
Onion = (1/2 cup) 3.5 grams
Leeks = (1/2 cup) 1.5 grams
Rutabaga = 10 grams

I am also a little concerned that we are not experiencing much die-off so far.

As far as die-off symptoms are concerned, you can trust that the diet alone is killing Candida by the thousands.
You’re taking supplements to lessen the effect of the toxins, plus if you have a mild case of Candida you won’t experience very severe symptoms. Just be thankful.