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Thank you! Our stories are eerily similar. A childhood of tonsilitis and annual antibiotics, finally followed by a tonsilectomy at 16. An entire childhood of bad food: white flour and sugar everything, lots of emotional stress and just plodding along not knowing anything. Fast forward to my 20’s with chronic fatigue and too much work. I got heavily into healing, nutrition, etc… and got very, very healthy. However, this past year was extremely stressful, coupled with two bacterial staph infections and most recently oral surgery – so I was on 3 antibiotics. I think my already delicate, and like you said (undiagnosed candida), tipped the scales of no return. It’s very helpful to hear from others who are relatively healthy and look healthy on the outside. Hopefully it will help us heal more quickly, or at the very least offer the discipline that we have and need to cure this. I am thinking this must be epidemic proportions and the world just hasn’t caught up yet.

Glad to have found this board.

Feel good.