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Donna V
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I am at the end of week 2 of the diet. Had a week of the cleanse only because I had a doctor’s appointment as my kidneys were hurting me. I’ve been fighting Candida for six months and been through five box Candida cleanses, two different high quality types. I have had no sugar for two years and eat Sweet Leaf Stevia or Xylitol when I have a craving, which is not very often. I have had to jump ahead in the protocol only because my doctor suspected either a kidney infection or stones. So she put me on a drug that killed bacteria and causes thrush! I had already been using probiotics, kefir and coconut oil; so I just continued them except through the cleanse. I upped the probiotics to counter the antibiotic. Learned on Monday that I didn’t have an infection or stones; so she prescribed a drug to counter what Friday’s drug did! My kidneys are stressed; I have large ketones. (Yeah, it’s a ketogenic diet!) She told me to eat squash. I told her I’d eat more avocados. She cannot honestly see why I still have Candida for all that I’ve been doing and now the strict diet that I am on. She is supportive of me in this, which is nice.

Question, when does one take all the supplements, probiotics and antifungals during the day? I start and end the day with my probiotics so that they have a better chance. Don’t know if this is good or indifferent but my stomach is empty. Antifungals (Nystatin and Ketoconazole along with coconut oil)I take the coconut oil with each meal. I’m up to 5 Tbsp since I already have been doing 3 Tbsp daily. The Nystatin is at breakfast and the Ketoconazole at dinner. Kefir cheese and flax oil for lunch.

My husband thinks I should stop all the supplements to help my kidneys.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Donna in Alaska