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Hi Able and Raster and all others,

My name is Chloë and I’m new to this forum. I’m really thankful for all the information I’ve already found here. I suffer from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) since two years, and trying to treat Candida is the first thing that has shown some positive effect on my disease. I followed a Candida diet by an Austrian guy called F.X. Mayr. This 6-week-diet is pretty old and outdated (which I didn’t know) as it allows potatoes during the whole diet. It also allows dairy derived from sheep milk. I took 50mg of Diflucan for two weeks along with the diet, and experienced many improvements in symptoms, even the exhaustion got slightly better. However, I am sure that my Candida is not beaten and a few days ago I started the diet described here in the forum along with the natural antifungals. I have some questions regarding all this:

*What do you guys think about eating hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds)? They contain very healthy fats and a lot of protein and only 4 grams of carbohydrates (per 100 grams). I am a vegetarian and really have difficulties to satisfy my hunger with only eggs and vegetables. I can handle two or three eggs a day, but definitely not more, it makes me feel sick and disgusted… so that’s a bit of a problem here. Does anyone have a suggestion how to make life easier for vegetarians who don’t like eggs?

*I didn’t completely understand after reading many forum entries: Is coconut flour allowed in the first two weeks of the diet (I’m not doing the detox), or not? Didn’t eat it so far.

*I’m also having problems with the coconut oil. Eating fatty foods has always made me feel sick, and I almost can’t handle to eat a full teaspoon of coconut oil at once. No way that I’m gonna eat 10 spoons a day, unfortunately. Can I heat the coconut oil and cook with it, or does it loose its antifungal properties when heated?

*I prefer natural antifungals and don’t want to take Diflucan anymore since it’s very toxic to the liver. However, I still have an unopened bottle of Nystatin and was wondering what you think about this? It says that it can even be used for babys and is harmless since it doesn’t go into the blood stream. Should I take it?

*And that leads me to another question: Nystatin works only in the gastrointestinal tract while Diflucan works systemically. Do the natural antifungals you take work systemically or not? Do most Candida sufferers have Candida systemically or not? I have read so much contradictive information on this (some say, Candida needs only one antibiotic course to go systemic, others say, only HIV patients and other immunocompromised people have Candida systemically). Also, is there a difference between a real systemic infection and between Candida “tapping” into the blood? So I’m wondering, do we have to treat Candida systemically or is it enough to treat the intestines?

*I have a bottle of tamarind concentrate, something really delicious often used in the Indian kitchen. Does anyone know if this is allowed on the diet?

*Is a protein-rich diet not harmful to the kidneys?

A lot of questions – if anyone has time to answer some of them, I’d be really thankful! I wish everyone good luck with their battle against Candida.