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dandilion wrote: Thanks for the reply Able, your message was hidden so sorry its taken me a while to respond.

I don’t understand; wasn’t it in your inbox as a reply to your inquiry?

I’m currently awaiting some kefir grains and molybdenum (Country Life Gluten-Free 150mcg) and UAS Labs DDS-100 Acidophilus 5 billion CFU/g so will start as soon as the molybdenum arrives. Its one of the cheapest probiotics on iherb, should that be good enough?

Only for a very short period of time as it’s extremely low-strength with only 5 billion CFU’s.
Have you read the protocol on the forum?

Also, I’m slightly concerned about weight management on the cleanse and diet, I’m very slim as it is, should 3 days on a liquid cleanse be long enough (I’ve had IBS intermittently since 2007 when I think my candida started to fall out of whack) and do you have any tips for high fat/protein foods that are allowed in the 1st stage (I’m pescetarian)?

Since you can eat eggs and fish, you should have enough protein, so at least we won’t have to worry about that in addition to your weight. Be aware that sometimes fish will cause reactions for some people early on in the treatment, so you may need to limit the amount for a few months.

Check out the recipe section for ideas to add during phase 1 of the treatment.
You can also make bread during the 1st phase. Bread Recipes.

Guessing the coconut oil should help.

Yes it certainly does. But please read the protocol and all links attached to it in order to follow the schedule for when to take supplements which includes coconut oil since it’s used as a strong antifungal.

Lastly, is there a certain type of water (mineral, filtered etc) I should drink, is its alkalinity a concern?

As far as water is concerned, it would be much more beneficial if you avoid any type of processed “city” water during the treatment which will contain chemicals. Better to stick with purchased bottled spring water or well water for the time being.
Don’t even think about acids or alkalinity during the treatment. I assume that you intend to follow the strict diet since you asked for it in your private message; this is all taken care of by the allowed foods and supplements in the diet and protocol.

Please check your inbox.