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pamay;46498 wrote: Sorry, I don’t have the link, I printed out the cleanse protocol you
sent me at the beginning, 5 weeks ago.

It was the milk thistle part (after liver detoxing)
“as with all herbs an allergic reaction to milk thisle is possible. In this case your body mistakes silymarin..for a harmful toxin…”

I don’t think you understood the point I was making with that statement. As you saw, the statement began with, “As with all…” I was not speaking of leaky gut syndrome, but normal allergies which many people experience every day when they take a new supplement, especially an herb.

In reality, anything that passes down your throat into your intestines, whether food or supplement has the potential of creating an allergy if you have leaky gut syndrome. But that doesn’t mean to stop eating all foods or taking all supplements. You were taking molybdenum and nettle leaf tea, so I have to wonder what the difference was in these and the milk thistle. I suppose the only difference is that I mentioned a possibility of an allergic reaction with milk thistle and didn’t with all the other supplements, while in fact, the same statement applies to every supplement on the forum.

I’ve added the statement below to the milk thistle section now to make my point clearer. It reads;
“This statement applies to all supplements including herbs and vitamins as anyone can experience an allergy to any new supplement introduced into the body whether they have leaky gut syndrome or not.”

It’s good that you are now taking milk thistle.