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When I was going through die-off I had extreme mood swings. The most memerable one was when I wanted to go out shopping, but my husband was taking ages to get ready. I wound myself up so much that eventually I was screaming and crying all at the same time! I jumped into my car and was racing down the drive when he came out of the house and stopped me. I’m so thankful he did; if I’d driven in that state who knows what could have happened. I curled up on the floor and just cried and cried. Later he described it as watching me self-destruct in front of his eyes. Scary.

Since recovering from my Candida overgrowth, I haven’t experienced anything like that. In fact I feel very calm (making me realise just how ill I was previously). I sporadically experiment with Candida aggravating foods to see the effect they have on me and that only results in a headache, no emotional effects.

Hope this helps.