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Thank you for all your help! I will give the natural antifungals a try. Tomorrow I have a day off from work and am planning to go to the health food store in order to buy some.

Is it adviseable to take 2 or 3 at a time (such as oregano oil, garlic and capryllic acid), or should I just take one at a time and rotate what I take each month?

How do I know what dosages to take? Will it say on the supplement package?
I know that either way I am supposed to rotate anti-fungals, but I was just wondering if it is overkill to take 3 at once.

Thanks again. I’m getting my kitchen ready by giving away certain foods that are perfectly good but that I can’t eat on the diet. Saying good bye to fruit is the hardest, but I saw in stage 3 that one can re-introduce it gradually, so at least I won’t have to avoid raspberries and apples forever :).

All the best and happy holidays.