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I never heard of pcos being candida realated if that’s the case then I have had candida for much longer than I thought 8 years & my baby just aggravated it to the point of painful symptoms.

Metformin is a drug to lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. It is giving to people with pcos and or insulin resistance to help with fertility and restore menstruation and is commonly used for it. It seemd to restore my cycle and I know I need a period so it all comes out but I don’t wanna lower my sugar in the process.

I could also induce with progesterone but this isn’t good for candida so probably not a good idea. I used to use natural organic progesterone to induce a period when I 1st was diagnosed .

It is possible that if I ride it out I maybe will regulate my cycle but also possible I won’t. Idk what 2 do here. My main goal is to reduce or cure my bladder & vaginal pain. Anything else can b managed but ofcourse turning everything around would b awesome to