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the idea of subsidised health care is nice. But the problem is, at least where I live, that it often ends up only treating symptoms or relating to emergencies only. i.e. if you are about die from a heart attack or your arm is broken, they’ll fix it. With life style related illnesses however they seem useless; there isn’t time (or money) to get to the root cause, to listen to the patient and get to know them, their life style etc. The subsidised doctors over here have about 7 minutes per patient. and because that’s not nearly enough they always run late and so by the time I get there I only get about 2 mins. By then it is obvious that the doc is stressed out and just wants to get me out of the way, the most usual response being: “it is all in your head, why don’t you try some anti depressive medicine…”

that’s why I went to see a private doctor. I pay about 7 times more per appointment but I also get an hour and a half where he listens to me, I get to ask questions etc. Totally worth it. Especially as he is treating me and I have gotten so much better already. The subsidised doctor had refused to treat me because I was still just about functioning (and if I wasn’t I would just get a long term sick leave rather than help to get better!). The problem is that they do not prioritise helping someone improve their quality of life; they only interfere if they must (i.e. if the illness seriously threatens your life).

But yes, most doctors in general don’t have a clue when it comes to Candida. I am just thinking that since there are so many people having this problem and suffering (and plenty more who have it but don’t know it!?), sooner or later there has to be a change.