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Javizy wrote:

He’s the same Dr who limits his patience to 5mins, I found out that here in the UK, GPs get paid per patient.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent half that long with a doctor. You’d think they weren’t allowed to ask questions either. It’s not like questions help with diagnosing, is it? I don’t know if complete lack of care aka the NHS or paying £200/month insurance + 30% of fees like my Japanese friend is worse…

There are some who have given me the time & clearly know what i’m talking about when I have mentioned I am treating myself for candida, even though the NHS don’t recognise it.

Why would they though, one of their biggest commodities has a huge part to play in destroying a healthy gut.

The whole system is a shambles, you have to see a doctor twice before you can get a referral. People in this country have far too much faith in the system.