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The summary (in the quote) is the problem, and it’s what happens when you have people who don’t understand or are happy to disregard physiology/biochemistry, medicine and scientific research (naturopaths, chiropractors, homoeopaths and other CAM quacks) “diagnosing” people with things. Remember they attribute a deluded sense of worth to their non-education and earn their living from “treating” you. The article detailed what happens in such cases, and to discount the significance of this is as stupid as disregarding blatant yeast problems that are spewing white pus in your face.

I believe that practitioners who diagnose nonexistent “yeast problems” should have their licenses revoked. Some apply this diagnosis to nearly every patient they see.

I’ve read a few articles on Quackwatch and I was a bit disappointed they didn’t go into more detail. The purpose of the site seems to be to expose healthcare “professionals” who practise quackery. There’s no real discussion of the research on candida and its treatment, and there wasn’t in the one on heavy metal toxicity either. Someone needs to rip on quacks, and it delivers an important reminder not to rely on inaccurate self-diagnoses and get sucked into conspiracy theories and medical fantasy (subfluxation, the-cause-of-all-disease X, and the like).