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Javizy wrote:

I disagree with you.
The abnormal growth of candida albicans can happen having a “normal” gut flora.
Any cell mediated immunity suppressor such as heavy load of mercury can cause a fungal overgrowth without disturbing your flora with antibiotics.
There are people who have a fungal overgrowth totally unrelated with gut flora abnormalities.
Candida is the result of a weak immune system caused by a cause or several causes.
The intestinal flora can be recovered with fecal transplants. There are people with candida who has done it, including myself, and candida is still here.

If what you say is true, I still don’t understand why you presented immunosuppression as the typical cause of candida, unless you believe everybody here suffers from such a thing. If not, then gut flora imbalance is going to be relevant to the average person who isn’t loaded up with mercury/HIV.

Dr. Truss was who brought this syndrome to the light. He has presented this syndrome as a result of an immune tolerance to candida albicans. This immune tolerance, according to him, is caused by the same yeast winning terrain during the years. Its persistence in enough amount for long time is what surrenders the immune system. After him, there were a lot of Drs who also researched this syndrome such as Dr. Crook, Dr. Trowbridge, Dr. Cranton, etc. Those also have written that the syndrome is caused by tolerance to the yeast caused by immune loads.
I agree the bacterial flora competes with candida and plays a role inhibiting it.
But, IMO, the immune system is the real culprit.
The problem is one time we get candida, we need to battle the proper immune suppression candida is able to cause. According to this Drs, unloading the immune system is the only way to recover and keep candida under control.
I can not tell you for sure since I address the flora too. I believe nobody knows the absolute true. It looks like unloading the immune system ( everything, candida, parasites, heavy metals, etc ) is the way to resolve it.