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Hello, JD.

Yes, the digestive enzymes are made by Now foods. I shall stop taking them as soon as I buy and receive the swedish bitters. I am about to buy a rather expensive probiotic with 11 strains and 50 billion count. It has loads of great testimonials, which Im usually quite skeptical about, but seems genuine. http://www.customprobiot…s-adult-formula-cp-1.htm

That’s 50 billion but it’s only five strains, not 11. You need a higher strain probiotic which also contains the DDS-1 strain. Read the following post for information on Probiotics .

One problem I face is, if I eat something which irritates the gut the brain fog comes back, which reverses the effects of the Molybdenum, is their anything I can take which can reduce the degree of inflammation and allergic reactions when I consume something? (I presume rightfully your response will be, stick to the blinking protocol!)

I don’t understand the connection you’re making between brain fog and inflammation or allergic reactions. Killing the Candida is what creates the brain fog. The effects of molybdenum aren’t reversed, it’s just that the toxins increase sometimes and at those times, the amount of Molybdenum isn’t enough to handle the overload.

Allergies can of course be hell during the infestation and make eating a non-enjoyable situation. Unfortunately, if allergies are the actually the problem, about all you can do is try to eat less of the foods that you know are presenting a problem. You might try Betaine hydrochloride acid tablets after each meal for indigestion and/or flatulence.

I do in fact drink nettle tea all the time, especially after I have had a cigarette. I smoke 2-5 a day just to let you know.

There’s part of your problem. This is going to slow the healing of your immune system; nicotine noticeably suppresses the immune system in research studies.

As a short term solution to the probiotics, I have decided to play doctor and double the dosage of the 5 billion capsule I take per meal, surely thats fine?

When you’re looking at an eventual maximum of 300 to 400 billion CFU’s, 10 billion isn’t going to help a lot, but then it’s not going to hurt either, and keeping it lower for now will prevent an increase in the toxins (brain fog).