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Update Week 11

Unfortunately I was writing a bunch of stuff for this update but the forum didnot post it so Im annoyed but I give you guys the short version of my update.

I continue to make progress. I actually dont feel like I have candida sometimes other then the diarrhea die off reaction I get from 16 tablespoons of coconut oil, having to be on the protocl and the white coating on my tongue. Im definitely not suffering like alot of other people here. I mean even the diet doesnt phase me much because I have learned that the diet is going to be the center piece of my eating habits for the rest of my life. The only aspect of the diet that Im concerned about is the fact that I had to remove eggs so to compensate I eat more buckwheat and oatbran but no more than 1 cup dry a day and I rotate them throughout the week. It seems that the other antifungals I was taking isnt causing any die off like it used to and I wont get much of a die off reaction from the coconut oil unless I reach 16 but I was on 12 spoons for a while and it wasnt effecting me most days. The 16 spoons is also my answer to the constipation I have some days. I also noticed that I dont have much gas at all when I keep my bowels moving from the coconut oil reaction. So diarrhea is pretty much the only symptom I feel if I take the full dosage of coconut oil. The rashes dont occur,backaches are gone, no more pink eye, fatigue doesnt bother me Im able to lift weights throughout the week without a problem. Brain fog isnt noticable either. Im happy with the progress I ve made with the mistakes I ve made like taking dgl licorice with sorbitol and taking antiboitics the first few weeks out of fear of my pinkeye. I ve been very disciplined on the diet. I hope I can enjoy thanksgiving food. Thats just something to look forward to. I recently introduced kefir and it makes me feel so much better. I ordered kefir milk grains online and Im waiting for them to come in so I can make my own kefir. I think I should of added kefir a long time ago but I was always hesitant, not sure why but kefir is so important. I have been reading about it and it contains so many beneficial strains of bacteria and fungus that attack candida albicans and fight them over the space that they occupy. I think once I start making my own kefir on a daily basis I will be able to make great progress because they will greatly improve my digestion and balance the gut flora which is the whole idea with this treatment.
I noticed this week that one day I had diarrhea and I saw eggplant seeds in my bowels along with spinach undigested and a mix of other things that I could not identify. This is likely a result of leaky gut which Im sure I have.
All in all I feel so much better. I will likely be on the diet for a full 6 months even if I can heal before then. I dont know exactly how long I will have to do this but I dont believe I have a serious case of candida but regardless I will stick to this for as long as I have to to heal and balance my gut flora. I thank everyone for reading and I hope you all make progress and stick to this protocol layed out here on the forum. I cant say that I have followed the protocol exactly because I cant afford to buy all the supplements like vitamins and trace minerals but I do have the vitamins I listed on the first post, probiotics, antifungals, and the swedish bitteres. I think the diet is the most important part, as well as antifungals, probiotics(kefir and supplement) and exercising. Thats helped me. I will be getting more supplements when my financial situation changes because I know I need more vitamins and I have leaky gut to worry about but Im trying to do the best I can with what I have and I have done great. Good luck to all and i welcome any questions and comments guys.