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I decided not to do the fast until I feel ready for it. I don’t quite feel ready yet, so I’m just going to see how the days go and call it ‘transitoning to the clenase’

Raster, I don’t know if quitting smoking is going to be so much worse than my sugar cravings… I basically used sugar in a binge-method since I was able to feed myself. 3 years ago I pushed away all of my friends, isolated myself in my house and just binge ate for 3 straight years, only coming out of the house for groceries. It’s been my whole life the last 3 years, and taking it away changes everything in my life. I feel like sugar is more difficult to get off of than the opiate addiction I had

I did OKAY today. I didn’t do perfectly. I had a big salad with avocado as a dressing, and then a cabbage wrap with a pumpkin seed dressing and sprouts, coconut and tea for snack, and then…… A night meal, that was ALMOST a sugary binge, but instead became chickpeas and chicken.

Legumes aren’t allowed on this cleanse are they? :X

Either way… Today was progress for me, because I didn’t dive into the sugars and binge for hours on end, so this is the start of my candida journey.

Although I have to say, I don’t think I’ll be eating chicken again. I haven’t eaten meat in a very long time and it felt extremely heavy to me… I feel a little bit sick. I think next time I go for something like oysters.