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I don’t have a white tongue anymore…not for a few weeks! A lot less mucus-I wish you all felt as fantastic as I do! Able,or whoever said,I am aware that it is more than psychosomatic symptoms…as I said,I’d had gastro intestinal issues and a poor diet (though not fast food/meat,just not enough protein/variety/nutrients) on and off for years.I think finally I have a balanced diet and am gaining the appropriate digestive enzymes and my body is quickly responding to all the proper nutrients,vitamins,proteins and carbohydrates I am feeding it.
My favorite breakfast now is a scoop of Sun Warrior protein powder with soaked flax seed,raw cacao,maca,banana,blueberries,that I make into a kind of pudding in the food processor.I add fresh papaya and strawberries.So delicious! I’m so grateful for the variety of foods I can eat.I really love brown rice with hard boiled eggs and vegetables in nori for lunch with a dusting of nutritional flakes.