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dvjorge;30609 wrote:
They are going to stimulate your immune system to attack candida albicans. At the same time, they help neutralizing your allergic response to candida antigen. Shots are really important and should be considered seriously.


Hello jorge,

Do you have any kind of firsthand knowledge to how common these shots are at most allergist offices? I am thinking that many allergist do not know about them and do not carry them; what is the specific name of the shot and test you should get for the shot for clarification?

So do the shots basically tell your body to attack candida?

How would one know if/when their body is no longer attacking candida?

I am curious because I believe this is what has happened to me.

On a side note: Not to scare anyone but my naturopath mentioned how we should not eat eggs a ton on the diet because it produces antigens which protect candida. I did not know this and have altered my diet further. Jorge, do you have any information about this?