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helpme;30559 wrote: Can anyone with some knowledge about these give me some information about them?
I’m intrigued.. I have been on the diet for a year now and am still experiencing some symtoms that keep cropping up, despite sticking to it 100%. I wonder if it is because of my immune system.

The diet, protocol, supplements, mentioned here are not a cure.
they are just a passive measures of avoidance. This is according to Dr. Orain Truss.

Even I was on the strict protocol mentioned here 100% for 4-6 months. I didn’t see any positive results……. instead lost a lot weight, and I was looking like a patient.

There is a misconception here that if you stay on the strict protocol for 6 months, or 1 year or may be 2 years, then you are going to be cured. I don’t think that is possible. I dont get a direct YES for my question “Is there anyone who got cured by following the protocol?”. All I get in response is a lengthy/confusing post, which we get bored reading to.

I dont see any one claiming to be cured 100% following this protocol.

I am not against the protocol, it helps a lot in the treatment. But I dont want people to be misleaded that this protocol is going to cure you.

It will be better to be a bit flexible with the diet, the one mentioned on this website seems reasonable. Along with that we need to get into the Active Treatment, with antifungal drugs like Nystatin/Diflucan etc, and The Candida antigen Shots. You need to get with your doctor/allergist on this and proceed with their guidance.

Its also not right that no doctor treats Candida, things are changing, try to explain and convince them. You need an doctors assistance with this, I dont think we can be cured with this protocols.