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Ok, I am Day 3 after taking a Diflucan. I must, yesterday was a BADDDDDD day. I has itching throughout the day after drinking my Rooibos tea with Stevia. Well, after some investigation, Lo and Behold, the stevia had grain alcohol in it, and the tea, natural flavors, whatever that is!!!! I have read, it is unknown, and could be beetles, msg, or sometimes just their formula, but still…since i had a reaction all day, I was very discouraged. The Diflucan has helped immensely, but I still have to be on the strict diet with a little bit of my own additions. For example, lentils have been ok for me, thank goodness. However, I am not ready for coconut bread. I made some, and had an immediate reaction yesterday. The reason why I started it in less than 2 weeks off the strict diet, is because I have been on the normal candida diet for 5 months, and cleansed, and been on antifungals. However, there were cheats a long the way, so I am still not stablized. Since this week, I am now not cheating, but sometimes it happens by mistake, like with the stevia. So frustrating. I know i need to read all labels, but i am out of it from this illness. Some bad days I am feverish and run down. Today, I have energy so far….I am committed to trying only 4 other things that I believe I do not have a reaction to, but I will see, and that is almond butter today (one bite only to see), walnuts tomorrow (one bite), sweet potato (third day), and quionia crackers (the next day). Once I do that, I have my official diet, which is Able’s Diet with hopefully these additions. I dont believe since i have been on candida diet for 5 months, I have had any reaction to those items. But I am weeding it out now. today, an egg for breakfast, nettles tea, green juice. Lentils and brussel sprouts for lunch. And not sure about dinner. I already had fish the other day. Might have to do fish twice a week since i don’t eat chicken.

Yesterday was hard also because I am PMSing which makes me more tired an irritable on top of this. And I had all this fear come up that my illness has decreased my sex life with my husband and I am paranoid he will leave me. He keeps reassuring me, but I was depressed about it yesterday.

Today is a new day. I am off to Pilates, then work, the my doctor. Not the naturopath yet, the gyno.

I also realized I have some questions about cutting down on the harsher antifungals to build up my bacteria more first. I don’t think Diflucan affects bacteria, or coconut oil or thyme tea, so I think I am eliminating all the others right now which means I have to stop my parasite cleanse. I have been on it for 5 days, and it has grapefruit extract in it. Will post this question in the advice area when I can, but if anyone has advice, let me know. I think I need to be more gentle. I think my die off really effects me and also my first cleanse did have a parasite aspect to it. I think i may have gotten them then. I think the key to this diet, is the simpler you start, the better.