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Hi zz888,
I’ve had hair loss also before starting the strict diet. It’s actually gotten 10 times worse (literally) in the past 3 weeks (I started the strict diet about 12 weeks ago). All of a sudden, lots of hair coming out when I shower or brush my hair. I also had an itchy scalp and some dandruff but no red splotichiness…sp?
I’m so nervous to shower or brush my hair 🙁
It’s thinning and I’m nervous how it will look if it continues at this rate.
I started using nizoral a week ago and notice less it hing but still the same amount of hair loss.

I’d also love some advice from anyone who has experienced hair loss and how to stop it or help decrease it.

I bought humic and fluvic minerals and started a week ago, but again no signs that its helping yet
Do I have to get a test to know if molybdenum is causing the hair loss? I’d be low in copper, is that right? Any other way to tell?