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Sonic Boom;42614 wrote:

Hmm, it seems the Kale Chips from that company contain Pumpkin Seeds as the second ingredient. =(

And what would be wrong with Pumpkins seeds?

They’re not on the diet that most of us discuss here on the forum. I believe they contain mold which benefits the candida.

Well, depends where you are on your treatment. But, I need to correct you on a couple points (with all due respect):

#1 – Not ALL pumpkin seeds (or seeds) contain mold.
#2 – Mold does NOT feed or benefit candida. Rather, we (candida sufferers) may experience hypersensitivity reactions to mold.

Ultimately, I encourage everyone of us to become our best personal food/health detectives. Find out whether or not a food, that is healthy, bothers you.